(2041) The dispute with the union over wages and benefits has led to a strike that has shut down the factory. (2036) The fashion brand decided to subcontract the production of their clothing line to a factory overseas. (2031) The abandoned factory was a dangerous place to explore, with broken glass and rusty metal everywhere. (2025) The appropriator of the resources for manufacturing was the factory, who used them to produce goods. (2023) The activists were determined to reoccupy the abandoned factory and turn it into a community center.

  • (1443) The factory will manufacture new cleaning supplies for the home.
  • (742) The factory was located in a remote area of the city.
  • (848) The factory has lots of machines that help make things.
  • (2004) The factory’s production output increased significantly after the installation of new machinery.
  • (1680) The factory’s efficiency in producing goods increased their profits.

(837) The bot malfunctioned and caused chaos in the factory. (834) The factory has an annex for storage of raw materials. https://accounting-services.net/bookkeeping-north-carolina/ (829) The bale of cotton was shipped to the textile factory. (826) The fume from the factory was causing health problems.

Word Origin for factory

(1817) The chain of production in the factory was halted by the power outage. (1814) The factory will implement a new assembly line to increase production. factory in a sentence (1792) The factory worker’s hand was maimed off by a malfunctioning machine. (1788) The factory is proud to be a part of the local economy and community.

(661) The factory is located on the outskirts of the city. (660) The contaminant was traced back to a nearby factory. (654) The factory produces furniture for people to sit on. (648) The factory will manufacture new toys for Christmas.

How To Use “Factory” With Example Sentences.

(672) The CEO will inaugurate the new factory on Thursday. (671) The factory had a recycling program to reduce waste. (656) The grounds of the factory are noisy and industrial. (652) The old abandoned factory looked dreary and rundown.

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